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Who Provides Dental Implants in Sydney?

Finding the right treatment facility for your dental implant treatment can be quite the task, because dental implants are readily available nowadays. However, not everyone can provide patients with the same high quality care and aftercare where dental implants are concerned, so finding the right facility will be essential to the success of your treatment. Read on to discover what you should consider when selecting a dental surgery in Sydney.

Find a Specialised Dental Surgery

Not every dental surgery will specialise in dental implants or new treatments such as all-on-4. If you are considering getting implants, it is essential to find a dental surgery that specialises in implants as well as the newest treatments such as all-on-4 implants. Even though such information is readily available on the website of dental surgeries, it is best to ask these questions yourself as well before you decide on a specific facility.

When you look at the credentials of the oral surgeon you intend to use, it is often best to not only look at the degrees they have obtained, but also at the years of experience they had and the number of procedures they have executed. Even though oral surgeons who have just graduated can be quite skilled, an oral surgeon with more experience tends to be the safer choice for patients in need of dental implants or all-on-4.

Acquire Treatment Information Before Your First Appointment

Patients who intend to book an appointment for all-on-4 or a normal dental implant treatment should consider gathering the necessary information before their appointment takes place. By being informed about all-on-4 or normal dental implant procedures, patients will find it easier to ask the important questions before their procedures. When patients have not gathered information beforehand, they often realise they are left with questions after their initial appointment.

Information you should gather before your procedure can include many different things, for example how long your procedure takes, what it costs and even the medical criteria you must meet in order to benefit from a specific dental implant treatment.

Look for Reviews

When you intend to choose a certain dental facility, it is always a good idea to search for reviews online. During your research, it is important to realise that not all reviews are genuine, so do not choose a facility that only has five star reviews and no negative feedback whatsoever. Instead, choose a dental surgery that has honest reviews and a general good rating.

During your search for feedback and reviews, it can help to talk to friends or family members who are getting treated at a certain dental surgery that provides dental implants. If you found that the dental facility in question has a decent reputation for implants, be sure to speak to someone who is a patient there to uncover if the facility could be best for your treatment.

Before and After Photos

The fact that a lot of dental surgeries have their own website nowadays can play in your advantage, because many facilities will post before and after photos of their patients, who have obtained a dental implant or other treatment. Based on those photos, you can see how effective a certain oral surgeon is at their job.

However, when you examine the before and after photos on a website, be aware that some surgeries can post fake photographs, which are either obtained from another website or photo shopped. Fortunately, there are many ways you can detect those fake before and after photographs. For example, when a photograph has exactly the same background and lighting, it is probably best to look elsewhere.

The Treatment Plan

One of the things patients should always receive before they have their treatment done is a treatment plan. So when you are scheduled to have your dental implants treatment, but have not received a treatment plan or any information from your treatment facility, it is best to cancel your surgery and search for a better oral surgeon.

Patients should always receive the right information before they have their treatment done; this includes information such as how the procedure is executed, who will perform the procedure, the duration of the procedure and so much more. This information must also be conveyed in understandable terms, so the patient fully understands what will happen next.

The Environment of the Dental Surgery

When you have chosen a facility and head for your first appointment, you do not have to stop evaluating, because every dental surgery can sound great on paper. As soon as you enter the door, pay attention to small details that could indicate problems with the dental surgery. Rude staff, problems making an appointment, problems reaching the facility to making an appointment or an unhygienic environment could all be indicators telling you to switch surgeries.

The Willingness to Listen

Communication is one of the most important things when you have surgery, so you must be able to relay your concerns and questions to the oral surgeon or dentist treating you. However, if you find that your oral surgeon or dentist is not really listening to you and seeing you as “just another number”, you might be wasting your time. Therefore, always make sure you are fully comfortable with every staff member in the dental surgery and that they always listen to your needs.


Choosing the right dental surgery may seem a little daunting after our little overview of things to take into consideration, but when it comes down to it, there are many good dental surgeries in your area that can provide you with the quality care you deserve. One of these dental facilities is our Malo Clinic, which specialises in dental implant treatments. So if you have been looking for a good dental facility in your area, the Malo Clinic may be the answer to your problems. Book an appointment at the Malo Clinic today and judge our dental services for yourself!

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