The Malo Clinic Difference - A Snapshot Of The Global Dental Brand

The Malo

Clinic Difference


Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.  The Malo Clinic has 22 years of research and development expertise, creating and evolving revolutionary and innovative surgical techniques that have catapulted us onto the global stage.

We are the creators of the All-on-4® – a revolutionary surgical technique
that can give fixed teeth in as little as one to two days.

The Malo Clinic has also designed and patented various implants, components, surgical objects and dental prostheses used by Malo Clinics worldwide and the broader international medical community.


Excellence is only possible if we leave our comfort zone and going global requires determination and know-how.

The Malo Clinic’s international reach, extends across six continents, twenty countries and sixty-two cities, making it the health group with the largest geographical footprint.


The Malo Clinic brand is recognised as the world leader in All-on-4®.  The Malo Clinic also leads the field in research and development, training,
services and care.


The Malo Clinic team is comprised of highly qualified and internationally recognised specialists across multiple disciplines.

With over two decades of experience and research and an ability to solve even the most complex of cases, trust you are in good hands.


The Malo Clinic utilises only the latest techniques, technology, materials, products and equipment available.

There’s also an emergency service available, just in case.


The Malo Clinic Australia has a strong social conscience and donates to various community projects.  Dr Larry Benge is also a strong believer in philanthropy and considers all requests to donate his time and skills to patients with complex cases who are also suffering from severe emotional or financial hardship.

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