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The Malo Clinic is committed to educating the local community. Dental health is vital to our wellbeing, so having an open source of information for the local community can promote dental health and the general health of patients. One of the information sources that is available to our patients and the local community is the Dr Larry Benge Podcast page, where patients can find out more about dental health subjects such as All-On-4, dental implants, tooth decay, mouthguards and so much more.

Who Can Listen to the Podcasts?

Anyone who wishes to know more about dental health or available dental restoration options, will find the Dr Larry Benge Dental Podcast a very valuable source of information. The podcasts will cover a variety of topics and convey a number of tips that can help the community to either maintain or regain their oral health.

Why Is Information about Dental Implants Important?

Many people are aware of the existence of dental implants, but not many people are aware of the technological advancements and new techniques that can be used to implement these dental implants. In the old days, there were only a small number of patients who were eligible for dental implants, but this has changed with the arrival of new dental implant techniques, such as the All-On-4 dental implants and All-On-4 Zygoma dental implants.

The dental implant techniques and solutions discussed during the Dr Larry Benge Podcasts are available at the Malo Clinic, which is why prospective patients can get a lot of information and advice by listening to only one of the podcasts.

Why Is Information about Tooth Decay Important?

Tooth decay is probably one of the most common problems patients and dentists are faced with. Most cases of tooth decay are also accompanied by a number of symptoms such as toothache, tooth sensitivity, spots on the teeth, bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth. If tooth decay is not treated quickly, it can lead to other problems such as gum disease or dental abscesses.

Informing the local community about tooth decay is the first step towards preventing it. Many people are aware of tooth decay, but fail to recognise some of the symptoms when they appear, which often leads to more complicated dental problems.

In order to prevent tooth decay, the patient must have a good oral hygiene routine. To maintain good oral hygiene, it is recommended to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. It is also necessary to use dental floss or an interdental toothbrush at least once a day; this to avoid plaque build-up between the teeth and below the gum line.

Children under the age of eighteen also need more frequent dentist visits than adults. The average adult only needs a check-up once every two years, while children need a check-up at least once a year. To preserve good oral health, patients should also adjust their lifestyle and avoid sugary drinks and starchy foods.

All these tips can guarantee a better oral health for the patient. If you are interested in preventing tooth decay and learn more about this phenomenon, be sure to listen to the Dr Larry Benge podcasts.

Why Is Information about Dental Tourism Important?

Dental tourism is a phenomenon that happens all around the world. Patients often look for cheaper treatments abroad, which is mainly the case for complex dental treatments such as dental implants. Unfortunately, going to another country for a complex treatment can come with certain dangers.

Many patients have read stories on the internet about patients going abroad for a medical treatment and experiencing problems afterwards. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think, especially in countries where there is a considerable language barrier.

When you want to go abroad for a dental treatment, the clinic in question must always provide a world-wide warranty. If this warranty is not there, you will have no form of protection or no access to treatment should something go wrong. At the Malo Clinic, all treatments are performed under a world-wide warranty.

Another disadvantage of getting a treatment abroad is the time aspect. Even though a treatment may seem cheaper abroad, you will still need a considerable amount of time off work to have the procedure done. Many patients also forget about the travel cost that will be accompanied by the treatment, so at the end of the day the treatment can be a little more expensive than you realise.

Patients who are adamant about getting their treatment abroad should put a considerable amount of research in the clinic they want to go to and the available facilities. It may also help to look for reviews written by patients who had their treatment at the clinic you have in mind. However, take some reviews with a grain of salt, considering they can be written by everyone.

To learn more about dental tourism, the advantages, disadvantages and the risks, please refer to the respective podcasts from Dr Larry Benge. There are also some articles available on the Malo Clinic, which will tell you all you need to know about dental tourism.

Does the Malo Clinic Educate in Other Ways?

Education about dental topics is available through the Malo Clinic in many different ways. In addition to all the information pages and the podcasts, patients can also acquire information about our dental implant treatments through the free information evenings, which are organised on a regular basis.

The free information evenings of the Malo Clinic are a great way to find out more about available dental implant solutions. The free information evening will educate the attendees about the treatment, the benefits, the costs and the eligibility of certain patients. During the evening, you will be able to ask questions as well, since the information evening is held by one of the experts in the field of All-On-4, Dr Larry Benge.

To register a seat for the evening, click on the information evening link above the main menu. Fill in your personal details and select the date you wish to attend.

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