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The GWS Giants partner with The Malo Clinic Sydney, pioneers of the All-On-4 dental implant technique.


all on 4 implant schematicSteven Interviewer: Kev, the old days, the sixties, mouth guards weren’t around, you were one person who lost teeth, you were a vigorous player, and suddenly you hadn’t got any!

Kevin Sheady (GWS Giants Head Coach): That’s exactly right, that’s what happened to me in my lifetime, and I come through the VFA, and the dental fraternity wasn’t anywhere near what it is today, and we’re very very fortunate that we have an opportunity to look after our dental history and persona in your own lifestyle, better now than ever before.

Interviewer: So for some twenty-five years or so, you had to wear false teeth?

KS: Absolutely.

Interviewer: And all the associated problems that go with them?

KS: And there’s a hell of a lot of them. And look really in the end, what’s happened now with the Malo Clinic. You know, my wife, they love reading about what can be done better, and she put me onto this, and in the end, probably before I come back into coaching, and just after I left Essendon, I thought from well then, to maybe to the rest of my life, I’ll get looked at better, I’ll speak better, and in the end I will eat better.

Interviewer: It’s all about innovation, it’s a great growth corridor out there, you guys are using it to build your football club into a national identity, and now the Malo Clinic is moving out your way.

Richard Griffiths (Giants Chief Operating Officer): Yeah, in the Hills District, which is a very strong Australian football foothold, plenty of junior participants, junior clubs and senior clubs. So, a very important community for us, as a developing football club, so the synergies with Paulo Malo & The Malo Clinic Sydney – makes absolute sense. And you mentioned innovation as one of the clubs three core values, so we pride ourselves in aligning ourselves to organizations that are innovative. We’ve got a very young playing group who are growing and developing, and we’re innovating with them to develop into a powerful force in the AFL competition. So there are plenty of synergies and parallels with Paulo Malo & The Malo Clinic Sydney.

Interviewer: Were you surprised how quick the whole process took?

KS: Well look I was to be honest, but I feel much better. I mean really, like as a head coach and obviously you’re working out in the community and going around Australia public speaking, and I’ve had some very good opportunities to go overseas, presentation has got to be spot on, and I think it has really helped with definitely that. And I think in general you feel much better within yourself.

Interviewer: Will you continue to develop in Australia?

Dr. Paulo Malo (President of the Malo Clinic): Yes definitely. Australia’s a big country, we do not have a lot of big cities, we cannot be in small cities because we do not make small clinics, but definitely there is place for about three to four clinics in Australia yes.

Interviewer: I guess one of the things is that it’s a confidence thing to, you worry about eating, smiling, yelling, suddenly the teeth are loose and you are just a bit worried that they might…

KS: Yes that can happen. But it doesn’t happen now.

Interviewer: You don’t yell?

KS: No, I don’t yell, I am a much nicer person! You really want to be a giant in Australia, you’ve come to the right club.

PM: Thank you very much.


Get Your Smile Back with New Dental Implant Techniques!

Many people struggle with the loss of teeth, but fortunately there are some solutions available. Dental implants and procedures such as All-On-4 now have the ability to give you your smile back. So you no longer need to wear dentures anymore because dental implants are now available to everyone.

What Dental Implant Options Are Available?

Normal dental implants have been around for quite a long time and many patients have been able to reap the benefits these can deliver. However, there is a small percentage of patients who have not been able to take advantage of these normal dental implants, more specifically patients who do not have a sufficient amount of jawbone to form the foundation for the dental implants. Patients with limited jawbone has to undergo bone grafting procedures to be able to be eligible for dental implants. This often was a painful, expensive and lengthy process.

Thanks to a number of advancements in the world of dentistry, patients with a limited amount of jawbone no longer need to undergo bone grafting in order to benefit from dental implants. One of the latest dental implant options All-On-4, where four dental implants are inserted into the upper and/or lower jawbone of the patient in most cases do not require any bone grafting at all.

Could All-On-4 Benefit Me?

A lot of patients who come to the Malo Clinic are eligible for the procedure. If you are interested in obtaining more information about this procedure we invite you to attend one of our free information evenings. Our free information evenings will provide you with all the information you require about the process, costs and results of this treatment.

Patients can also find several podcasts on the website which discuss all the different aspects of All-On-4. These podcasts feature Dr Larry Benge, one of the Malo Clinic dentists and an expert in the field of dental implants. 

Can All-On-4 Be a Solution for Tooth Loss Caused by Trauma?

There are a number of patients who have lost several teeth due to trauma, usually caused by not wearing a mouthguard during contact sports or they have been involved in an accident. We are able to provide these patients with a new smile at the Malo Clinic with the  All-On-4 dental implant technique.

What About Patients with a Limited Amount of Jawbone in the Upper Jaw?

The upper jaw can be a real problem for many, especially when there is only a limited amount of jawbone to work with. However, the All-On-4 treatment can be adjusted according to the situation of the patient. For example, patients with a limited amount of upper jawbone can benefit more from Quad or Zygoma dental implants.

When you come to the Malo Clinic for your evaluation, the dentist will discuss with you all available options. The best thing about All-On-4 is that the treatment can be customised according to the patient, which opens a world of possibilities where treatment options are concerned.

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