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Preventative Dental

Oral Hygiene is a fundamental specialty in Dentistry. Responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, it is also determinant in the maintenance of treatments performed in other specialties.

In addition to the detection of caries, gum disease or others, in this appointment the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is also performed through Scaling and Prophylaxis.

One of the main objectives of Oral Hygiene consultations is the education and promotion of good oral health habits. Maintaining the care recommended by the Oral Hygienist effectively eliminates the residues of food that accumulates in the teeth and gums. These include proper brushing (at least twice a day), use of dental floss and / or the use of elixirs.

Visits to the Oral Hygienist should be regular, at least every six months, to ensure a lasting smile.


Maintenance of Treatments Made

Regular visits to oral hygiene consultations are essential to maintain oral health and the integrity of treatments performed at MALO CLINIC. During the consultation, implants, crowns, bridges or fixed prostheses on teeth or implants, as well as restorations, orthodontic appliances and devitalisations are evaluated in order to diagnose any complications early on. All the preventive and therapeutic procedures performed during these consultations contribute to the longevity of these treatments.


Treatment consisting of the removal of bacterial plaque and tartar from dental surfaces through the use of an ultrasound device, aiming to eliminate the factors responsible for most gingival and dental problems.

Application of Fluorine

Procedure used to prevent cavities and reduce tooth sensitivity, in which a gel with a high concentration of fluoride is applied to the surfaces of the teeth. This mineral acts on the dental enamel by remineralizing it and strengthening its structure.

Application of Sealants

Non-invasive treatment for preventing cavities in which a fluid resin is applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, and that after the photo polymerization (incidence of a blue light LED) hardens, forming a smoother surface and easier to sanitize.


To avoid cavities it is essential to have good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. Remember the 2 X 2 X 2 technique which is a very easy trick for brushing teeth: 2 times a day – 2 min brushing – 2 hours without eating after brushing and main meals.



Miguel de Araújo Nobre

Oral Hygiene


Miguel de Araújo Nobre

Oral Hygiene


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