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Why Malo Clinic?

Having a dentist that you can trust means that your teeth will be in ideal condition for a very long time. Complex procedures such as dental implants treatment need expertise and competence to guarantee successes. More and more people around the world are getting dental implants as a long term solution to dental problems. And true, if properly fixed, dental implants can go on to last a lifetime. For this reason, you need to get the best experts possible to conduct the procedure, as long as they are cost effective. That is where MALO CLINIC comes in handy.

Since its establishment in 1955, MALO CLINIC has sustained its exponential growth in numerous distinguished factors and has gained worldwide recognition in dental implants treatments (implantology) as well as Dental Aesthetics.


Over those 20 years, MALO CLINIC has gone on to develop revolutionary dental protocols that have benefited dental patients around the world. Innovations such as the All-On-4® dental implants, the Extra-Maxilla surgery, the fixed prosthesis, the NobelSpeed® and the new Zygoma dental implants have taken the world by storm. MALO CLINIC uses innovation and science to create exceptional dental implants with proven aesthetic and esthetical outcomes. Our implants are biocompatible, strong, lightweight, and are made from the most widely used material in implantology, titanium. All our dental implants carry a lifetime assurance and have been used by many other dental hospitals across the globe.

Our approaches make it possible for edentulous people, even in the most complex situation, to have dental treatments in just a single visit. Some of the innovations such as the All-On-4® dental implants have been considered major breakthroughs in implant dentistry in the last 40 year. With this MALO CLINIC Protocol, anyone can have natural looking new prosthetic teeth, even if they have been disqualified before as lacking enough jawbone.

This revolutionary All-On-4® Protocol developed by Paulo Malo and MALO CLINIC team alleviates bone levels, and keeps all your jawbones healthy. Even if you have a shorter jawbone, the procedure allows bi-posterior implant to be tilted at 45° angle to have your teeth fixed without requiring a bone transplant. The results are simply natural-looking and exquisite!

Personalized Treatment Plan

At MALO CLINIC, every treatment plan is developed in accordance to the specific needs of the patient. What does this mean? Upon your first visit, dentists comprehensively examine your dental health. Your dental health history will then be reviewed, and conclusions will be drawn.

During the examination, a sophisticated diagnostic imaging (a 3D scan) of your dental structure will be conducted. This allows the dentists to evaluate your general oral health and then prescribe the best treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will allow appropriate procedures to be carried out in order to ensure that you end up with a perfect oral health, both functionally and aesthetically.

Expertise and Experience

Needless to say, the specialisation and experience of dentists around the world are of paramount importance. At MALO CLINIC, we ensure that we have professionals that possess particular niche specialization in every specialty. This model allows that during various stages of your treatment plan, you will receive the best, detailed, and personalized supervision by a dental professional from the area in question.

Our Facilities

MALO CLINIC ensures that our studios are located in clean, relaxing, and comfortable environments. Our equipment and amenities use state of the art dental technology that offers stellar results and simplifies even the most intricate dental procedures. We simply invest our focus in the quality of our patient care.

MALO CLINICs Worldwide

We aim to make procedures of cosmetic dentistry and dental implant treatments (Implantology) to the largest number globally. For this reason, we began our internationalization process by placing clinics in numerous countries and states where we use the same medical protocols to ensure the same quality and rigor. Currently, MALO CLINIC is present in all five continents worldwide having 43 clinics in total. We also ensure that we offer cost-effective procedures to serve even a larger multitude of dental patients.

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