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Patients who want to gain more information about the All-On-4 dental implant treatment can order one of our All-On- 4 booklets. The booklet is completely free of charge and will tell you everything you want to know about the treatment. If you would like some additional information about the dental implant treatment before you order our free booklet, be sure to read our information below.

Why Choose Dental Implants Over Other Treatments?

Failing teeth can be a great cause for concern. The loss of teeth can have a negative effect on the patient’s self-esteem, confidence and can even affect the functioning of the mouth. Even though dentures can be a great temporary solution, not everyone likes the feeling of dentures in their mouth. If you do not like dentures and want a more permanent solution, dental implants will be the perfect teeth replacement option for you.

What Is All-On-4?

All-On-4 is a new technique that can be used to implement dental implants. The technique was created by Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel BioCare. The dental implant technique is not intended to fully replace normal dental implants, but rather provide an alternative for patients who are not eligible for normal dental implants.

The new technique eliminates the need for bone grafting, a complex procedure where the missing jawbone of patients is replaced. In order to be eligible for normal dental implants, patients need a sufficient amount of jawbone. However, the loss of teeth can make the jawbone deteriorate, so many patients who have lost their teeth will suffer from a lack of jawbone. All-On-4 provides the perfect alternative for these patients.

During the treatment, the oral surgeon will insert four titanium implants in the upper and/or lower jaw. When the four titanium implants are in place, the oral surgeon attaches multi-unit abutments to the titanium implants. These abutments will form the connection between the implants and the replacement teeth.

When the abutments and titanium implants are in place, the oral surgeon can attach the temporary prosthesis, which will be replaced later by permanent teeth. If the patient in question has a serious lack of jawbone, the oral surgeon can tilt the posterior implants and still provide a strong foundation for the replacement teeth.

What Are the Benefits of the Treatment?

One of the biggest benefits of the treatment is the fact that the oral surgeon only needs four dental implants for complete oral rehabilitation of the upper or lower jaw. The use of only four titanium implants makes the procedure less invasive and more affordable. The treatment can also be done a lot faster, so patients can enjoy their new replacement teeth a lot quicker.

The treatment is very effective for complex cases, so patients with a lack of jawbone or patients who have struggled with gum disease for years will find that this dental implant treatment is a better solution. If you have not been eligible for normal dental implants, or needed bone grafting in the past, you may want to look into the All-On-4 treatment.

Due to the fact that the procedure is less time-consuming, the procedure will not cause the patient a lot of discomfort. Even though the mouth may feel a little strange for a couple of days, patients will not experience pain during or after the procedure. Depending on the severity of your case, your dentist or oral surgeon can prescribe some painkillers should they be needed.

Last but not least, the success rate of this advanced treatment is very high. Patients who take advantage of these dental implants can expect a success rate of 98%, so failing dental implants are very rare with this type of treatment.

What Is the Best Dental Clinic to Obtain this Treatment?

The best dental clinic to obtain this treatment is our very own Malo Clinic. Not only does our clinic employ experts in the field of All-On-4, we also cooperate with the inventor of this treatment – Dr Paulo Malo.

Our Malo Clinic belongs to the Malo Clinic Group, which is run and managed by Dr Malo. By being part of this group, we have access to the best dental materials, dental equipment, dental technologies and dental education that keeps our clinic at the top of its game.

Where Can I Obtain More Information about This Treatment?

If you have been curious about the All-On-4 treatment, there are many sources of information available on the Malo Clinic website. In addition to our free booklet, you can also attend one of our free information evenings or read our information pages.

The free information evenings are organised throughout the year in various locations, so our patients can easily find a date and location that suits them. However, our free information evenings are incredibly popular, so we do ask our patients to reserve their seats if they wish to attend. If you currently cannot find an available free information evening, the upcoming events are fully booked. In this case, you can still register your interest for future information evenings and the Malo Clinic will contact you as soon as a new information evening becomes available.

During the free information evening, you will obtain more information about the treatment from one of our experienced dentists, who was also one of the pioneers for the All-On- 4 treatment in Australia – Dr Larry Benge. Dr Benge will discuss numerous subjects in regard to the treatment and patients also get the chance to ask their questions.

In addition to our free information evenings and the booklet, you can also listen to the Dr Larry Benge podcasts. Dr Larry Benge has released a number of podcasts on the subject, so they are a very valuable source of information.

The podcasts can give you more information about All-On-4, but also more information on other dental health subjects such as dental hygiene, tooth decay, dental tourism, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal and so much more. All podcasts with Dr Larry Benge can be downloaded on the website as well as on iTunes. If you want to achieve better dental health and could use some great tips, be sure to listen to these free podcasts!

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