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Meet Out Dental Implant Team and Discover Your Options!

The dental implant team at the Malo Clinic gives patients access to the most advanced solutions for dental implants. Patients who are not eligible for normal dental implants may be able to find a good treatment plan at the Malo Clinic, which is why the dental implant team at the Malo Clinic is always ready to take on complex cases. Let us take a closer look at the dental implant team at the Malo Clinic and the available treatments that could change your life.

Who Is Part of the Dental Implant Team?

Our dental implant team consists of Dr Paulo Malo, Dr Larry Benge and Dr Kevin Spencer. Every member of our implant team is an expert in dental implants and can provide patients great solutions to their problems.

The first member of our implant team is Dr Paulo Malo, a Portuguese dentist and the inventor of the All-On-4 dental implants. His invention has enabled many patients to get their replacement teeth and a permanent solution to their dental problems. In addition to the medical breakthroughs he created, Dr Paulo Malo has also earned several awards and recognitions for his management skills, leadership and entrepreneurial achievements.

Dr Larry Benge is the second member of our implant team and also an expert in the All-On-4 dental implants and accompanying techniques. Dr Benge has more than 30 years of experience and focusses on reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry. In addition to his work as a dentist, Dr Larry Benge also gives lectures about All-O-4 dental implants and has his own podcast series on dental health.

The third member of the Malo Clinic implant team is Dr Kevin Spencer, who obtained his degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Melbourne. In addition to his dental implant work at the Malo Clinic, he is also a consultant in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He also shows a special interest in complex implantology, which allows patients with complex problems to get a comprehensible solution at the Malo Clinic.

What Dental Implant Treatments Can I Benefit from at the Malo Clinic?

The Malo Clinic mainly focusses on the All-On-4 dental implant treatment, a dental implant technique that is available to many patients who are not eligible for normal dental implants. All-On- 4 enables patients with little to no jawbone to get dental implant, this thanks to the advanced techniques and the specific implants used during the procedure.

Patients who take advantage of the All-On-4 treatment are usually patients who are faced with a large amount of failing teeth. A number of these patients may have to wear dentures and these dentures can cause them some discomfort. If this sounds like your situation, you may be eligible for All-On-4 dental implants.

In addition to normal All-On-4, patients can also benefit from Quad or Zygoma All-On-4, which are longer dental implants that are inserted differently by an oral surgeon. The longer implants provide patients with very little jawbone in the upper jaw a good alternative, so they can still benefit from implants no matter the condition of their jawbone.

There are several information pages on All-On-4 on the Malo Clinic website, so patients can find out more about the treatment and their options. For more information about All-On-4, patients can also count on the free information evenings organised by the Malo Clinic.

What Are the Free Information Evenings?

The Free Information Evenings are a great way to learn more about All-On-4, the All-On-4 techniques and your eligibility for the treatment. There are always several dates available, although these seminars are extremely popular. If there is no current date available on the website, please register your interest for the free information evening for any of our future dates.

What Is Discussed During the Malo Clinic Free Information Evenings?

A free information evening can provide patients with a world of information where the All-On-4 treatment is concerned. During a free information evening, patients can learn everything they want to know about the different types of All-On-4 procedures, the benefits of the All-On- 4 procedures, how the procedure is performed, the medical criteria for All-On-4 and the cost involved. Attending one of our free information evenings is therefore an absolute must for everyone who has even the slightest interest in the treatment.

Coming to one of the Malo Clinic information evenings can help you to decide whether you want to start with the treatment or not. During the information evening you will also be able to speak to Dr Larry Benge, one of the experts in the field of All-On-4, so attending is definitely something worthwhile.

What Age Do You Have to Be for All-On-4?

There is no real age restriction connected to the All-On-4 treatment, so age does not really play a big role in your eligibility. However, there are some medical criteria the patient needs to meet in order to have the treatment done. In general, the patient needs good health to undergo the treatment, something the majority of patients tend to have.

Patients who want to know if they are eligible for the All-On-4 treatment can attend one of the free information evenings, organised by the Malo Clinic, or can make an appointment at the Malo Clinic for an evaluation.

What Is the Success Rate of the All-On-4 Treatment?

All-On-4 tends to have a higher success rate than other traditional implant techniques, mainly due to the fact that the treatments takes into account a limited amount of jawbone and other common dental implant problems. The success rate of All-On-4 is 98%, which is quite high when you compare it to more traditional implant treatments.

The procedure itself also poses less risks than other dental implant treatments. The procedure only takes one to two hours for complete oral rehabilitation, which means that patients will find this procedure a lot less risky than other surgical procedures for oral rehabilitation. For more information about the procedure itself, please refer to the All-On-4 dental implants page.

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