Why Malo?

Discover All the Reasons Why You Should Choose the Malo Clinic

There are many dentists and dental surgeries nowadays and this makes finding the right dentist a lot harder. However, at our Malo Clinic, we understand that patients are in need of a facility where they can go for general dentistry as well as complex oral rehabilitation procedures. When you are looking for the right dentist, you can be sure to find it at the Malo Clinic!

Can You Tell Me A Little More About This Clinic?

The Malo Clinic was founded in 1995 by Professor Paulo Malo. When you are interested in dental health, you may have heard of Dr Paulo Malo before, because he is also the inventor of the innovative All-On-4 dental implants. Since its foundation in 1995, the Malo clinic has become the world leader of dental aesthetics and implantology, ensuring patients get the best possible care.

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Given the fact that many patients found their way to the Malo Clinic, there was a clear need for expansion. In response to the great demand, the Malo Clinic started cooperating with specialised companies who were able to provide dedicated services for patients as well as the medical community.

In addition to surgery rooms and consultation rooms, the Malo Clinic is also equipped with its own laboratory and their own research team. Because of this, the Malo Clinic is constantly innovating treatments and providing better solutions for modern dental health issues.

Is The Malo Clinic Specialised In Dental Implants?

The Malo Clinic is the world leader of dental implants, so patients will not be able to find a better place to get their dental implants than the Malo Clinic. The clinic also employs three experts in dental implants, more specifically Dr Paulo Malo, Dr Larry Benge and Dr Kevin Spencer. Even patients who have been declined for traditional dental implants can be helped at the Malo Clinic.

Instead of traditional dental implants, patients can also choose the All-On-4 dental implants. The treatment is usually implemented in patients who have a considerable amount of broken down teeth, decayed teeth or teeth who have been badly affected by gum disease. Patients who have suffered bone loss in the jaw or face are also eligible for this treatment and do not need to undergo bone grafting in order to get their dental implants. Thanks to a range of advanced techniques, most patients can get their new teeth in only three days.

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For more information about dental implants or the All-On-4 treatment, please visit our information pages or attend one of our information evenings. Patients can find a link to the information evenings on top of the main menu. Due to a limited amount of seats we do request patients to reserve their seats in advance.

How Do I Contact The Malo Clinic To Make An Appointment?

Patients who wish to make an appointment with the Malo Clinic can do so by calling 1300-625-628 during business hours. If you wish to obtain more information about any of our treatments, you can also use the quick online enquiry link, which can also be found above the main menu.



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