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Meet One of the Most Prominent Dental Implant Experts in the World – Dr Paulo Malo

Dr Paulo Malo is probably one of the most knowledgeable people in the world where dental implants are concerned. He is also the person who invented the All-On-4 dental implants and the All-On-4 dental implant technique, so his knowledge is not limited to normal dental implant techniques and treatments. Let us take a closer look at the career of Dr Paulo Malo and what he has achieved.

Where Did Dr Paulo Malo Study?

Many people know Dr Paulo Malo as a Portuguese dentist, but not many people are aware that Dr Paulo Malo was actually born in Angola. In the 1960’s, Dr Paulo Malo moved to Portugal, where he eventually obtained his dentistry degree. Dr Paulo Malo studied at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. He obtained his degree from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in 1989 and founded his world-famous clinic – the Malo Clinic – only six years later. However, Dr Paulo Malo would not only be recognised in Portugal, since his name is well-known in the world of dentistry.

dr paulo malo

How Did Dr Paulo Malo’s Career Evolve?

Dr Paulo Malo founded his Malo Clinic in 1995, but he was working on an exceptional dental implant technique way before that. Dr Paulo Malo and his clinical research team started to develop an alternative dental implant technique in 1993, which would eventually be implemented in 1998.

The All-On-4 dental implant technique was not the only invention Dr Paulo Malo discovered during his extensive career, since he was also responsible for the Malo Clinic Bridge and the NobelSpeedy™. In total, Dr Paulo Malo has fourteen patents registered for his inventions and we are sure they are not going to be the last.

In 2004, Dr Paulo Malo also created the Malo Clinic Ceramics division. Malo Clinic Ceramics specialises in the manufacturing of dental implant fixed prostheses and natural teeth. By having such a specialised division, the Malo Clinics are able to provide the best treatments to their patients. Dr Paulo Malo also expanded his Malo Clinic with a specialised medical spa. The Malo Clinic Medical Spa provides patients with preventive medicine, provided in a beautiful spa environment.

While being the president of multiple successful companies, Dr Paulo Malo still finds the time to give lectures and publish his latest findings in recognised medical journals. Dr Paulo Malo has co-authored more than twenty scientific articles and is also a visiting professor at multiple prestigious universities. In short, a remarkable man who had an enormous impact in the world of dentistry.

Why Is Dr Paulo Malo Associated with All-On-4?

When we talk about All-On-4, we need to mention Dr Paulo Malo, this is because Dr Paulo Malo is the inventor of the All-On-4 dental implants and the All-On-4 dental implant technique.

Dr Paulo Malo developed the All-On-4 dental implants and technique in cooperation with Nobel BioCare. Nobel BioCare is a well-known international supplier of dental equipment, dental implants and dental technology, which drastically improved the service quality dentists are able to provide.

Why Did Dr Paulo Malo Invent a New Dental Implant Technique?

Dr Paulo Malo found that dentists were very limited in the amount of dental implant treatments they could offer. Most patients were only able to take advantage of normal dental implants, providing they had enough jawbone to get the procedure done. Patients without the right amount of jawbone would have to undergo bone grafting.

Bone grafting is a procedure most patients are familiar with. Bone grafting is a surgical procedure where missing bone is replaced. The procedure is not only applied for missing jawbone, since the technique is also used to repair complex bone fractures that may endanger the life of the patient. Unfortunately, bone grafting can be incredibly expensive and lengthy, which means that the majority of patients will have to wait a long time before they can benefit from any form of dental implant procedure.

Thanks to the new technique Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel BioCare developed, bone grafting is no longer necessary in order to benefit from permanent replacement teeth through dental implants. During the procedure, the surgeon will only insert four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaw, which requires a lot less jawbone than with a normal dental implant procedure.

We do need to mention that there can be a number of patients who will need their All-On-4 treatment altered. For patients with a very limited amount of jawbone, the surgeon may choose to use longer dental implants, this to provide more stability for the replacement teeth. In addition to normal dental implants, patients can also choose Quad or Zygoma Dental Implants, so there are other options available depending on the state of the jawbone.

All On 4 Dental Impants

Which Clinics Can Execute an All-On-4 Procedure?

An All-On-4 procedure is best performed in one of the clinics that belong to the Malo Clinic group. Our Malo Clinic is one of the clinics belonging to this group, since patients can find a number of Malo Clinics all across the world.

Dr Paulo Malo is currently the president of the Malo Clinic Group, also better known under the name Malo Clinic Health & Wellness. There are a number of Malo Clinics across the globe and these are not all limited to dental facilities. In addition to dental facilities, there are also education facilities, medical care facilities, fitness facilities and spas that fall under the Malo Clinic Group.

Can I Obtain Dr Paulo Malo’s Treatments at the Australian Malo Clinic?

Patients who are interested in the treatments of Dr Paulo Malo are more than welcome to visit the Malo Clinic to discuss their options, since the Malo Clinic is able to take advantage of the inventions released by Dr Paulo Malo and Nobel BioCare.

To learn more about the treatments available at the Malo Clinic, please refer to the information pages on our website or attend one of the free information evenings organised by the Malo Clinic. If you believe you might benefit from one of our treatments, do not hesitate to book your appointment at the Malo Clinic.



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