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Want To Get More Knowledgeable On Dental Implants? Learn more about the All-On-4 Dental Implants on the Dr Larry Benge Podcast

The Dr Larry Benge podcast is an excellent source of information for both dental clinicians and patients. By listening to the Dr Larry Benge podcasts, you can discover more about dental health subjects, but also find out more about new dental implants that can improve your quality of life. Let us take a closer look at some of the dental implant subjects discussed in this podcast.

What Are The Latest Developments On Dental Implants?

Dental implants have evolved considerably over the past decade, especially since the arrival of the All-On-4 dental implants invented by Dr Paulo Malo. The All-On-4 implants give patients with an insufficient amount of jawbone the chance to get their replacement teeth, without having to get expensive bone grafting sessions.

Dr Larry Benge Podcast

The basis of the All-On-4 implant technique are four implants placed in the jaw. Not only patients with a small loss of jawbone can take advantage of the technique, because patients with a large loss of jawbone can also take advantage of these implants thanks to Zygoma implants and Quad Zygoma implants. The technique itself also offers a world of possibilities, because the implants can be tilted so that there is a firm basis for the replacement teeth.

Does the Malo Clinic Provide The All-On-4 Treatment?

When you are looking for good dental implants and have suffered from bone loss in the jaw, you can find a solution at the Malo Clinic. The Malo Clinic is one of the rare Australian dental facilities that can provide you with these implants from start to finish, this includes evaluations, fittings, impressions and more.

To find out more about the All-On-4 treatment in the Malo Clinic, we recommend listening to one of the Dr Larry Benge podcasts with Dr Paulo Malo or visiting one of the information pages on our website. Patients also get the opportunity to attend a free information evening on the subject, which are organised by the Malo Clinic. During the free information evening, where you get to meet the pioneer who brought the treatment to Australia – Dr Larry Benge.

Patients also get the opportunity to ask for advice on their particular problem and discover if they could be a candidate for this procedure. During a free information evening, you will learn everything there is to know about the All-On-4 treatment, so attending one of these evenings can be very beneficial.

Dr Larry Benge

Can I Contact The Malo Clinic With Questions About All-On-4 Topics Mentioned In The Podcasts?

Are you left with a question about the All-On-4 implant technique? Feel free to ask the Malo Clinic! Under the main menu, you will find our quick online enquiry form. Simply enter your question to this form and submit. Our friendly support staff will get back to you with the requested information as soon as possible.

Patients can also book an appointment with the clinic to see if they might be a good candidate for the All-On-4 treatment. To book an appointment, call 1300-625- 628 and we will schedule you in as soon as possible.



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