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Founded in 1995 by Paulo Malo in Portugal, the Malo Clinic is now on six continents and in more than twenty countries around the world.

The Malo Clinic is internationally recognised for its contribution to advances in dental medicine, particularly in the field of implantology, oral rehabilitation and dental aesthetics.

The Malo Clinic is credited with:

– the creation of innovative surgical techniques (All-on-4®);

– implants (zygomatic implant, NobelSpeedy® implant);

– the fixed prosthesis known as the Malo Clinic Bridge;

– publication of numerous articles and scientific studies.

Founder and President- Malo Clinics International

Paulo Malo was born in Angola in 1961. He came from an entrepreneurial family and from a very young age learnt the value of work.

In Coimbra he studied medicine and later chose to further his studies at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Lisbon, where he completed his degree.

In the early 1990s, frustrated with traditional approaches to edentulous patients and patients with missing or damaged teeth, Paulo Malo, created and developed the All-On-4® surgical technique, an alternative to removable dentures and traditional techniques of dental implants.  Considered the greatest advance in the area of implantology since Bränemark, “the All-On-4® completely changes people’s lives”, says Paulo Malo.

Clinical Director, Malo Clinic Australia

Dentist, BDSc L.D.S (Melb), Principal at Bond Street Dental Malo Clinic and Clinical Director, Malo Clinic Australia. Dr Larry Benge graduated in 1980 with first class honours in Dental Science from The University of Melbourne, having first completed a Bachelor of Science degree with honours at Monash University. With over 35 years in dentistry, Dr Benge’s practice has an emphasis on reconstructive, aesthetic and implant dentistry, specifically in All-on-4®.

Dr Benge partnered with Professor Paulo Malo in bringing the Malo Clinic to Australia.  Dr Benge has lectured, published and studied locally as well as internationally and previously attended the University of Louisiana (USA) under Professor Gerard Chiche as a Visiting Associate. He is a former president of the Australian Society of General Dentistry (formerly the Aesthetic Society – Victoria Branch), member of the Australian Dental Association, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the Australian Osseointegration Society and is the founder of the Victorian Centre of Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. He enjoys his involvement in Australian sporting and entertainment industries as the “go-to” dentist and also provides ongoing support to many AFL clubs and players, the Australian Cricket Team, Melbourne Storm and the Australian Open.


Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.  And the Malo Clinic has 22 years of research and development expertise, creating and developing revolutionary and innovative surgical techniques.

The result:

– Several implants, components, surgical objects and dental prostheses designed and patented and used by the international medical community, as well as more than seventy scientific articles published in internationally renowned journals;

– Creators of the All-on-4®, revolutionary surgical technique, giving patients fixed teeth in as little as one to two days. Constantly perfected by the Malo Clinic team over two decades, this technique is currently integrated in a unique and innovative protocol: the Malo Clinic protocol


The Malo Clinic Australia has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified dentists, with decades of knowledge and study and more experience resolving complex cases than any other dental group in Australia. Each patient receives detailed and personalized follow-up according to their treatment plan.


When we establish partnerships, we seek in our allies the same values and desire to achieve an excellent outcome for every patient. Together we are stronger.

“MALO CLINIC and NOBEL BIOCARE have joined in the commitment to innovation in Dentistry through the most advanced solutions. We share the demand and the passion for a better quality of life. Together, we offer the most advanced treatment solutions to patients and professionals around the world.”

Statement by the President Hans Geiselhöringer

“The partnership with KULZER is based on a conscious choice to work side by side with partners of excellence. Its products of high standard of quality respond to the needs of a laboratory in continuous development. But this partnership is not just made of products! We collaborate in a number of areas, including research and have received technical support and excellent service.”

Statement by the President Akira Misawa

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